Clickless Update v0.1.1

I've implemented a few minor tweaks and fixes to Clickless thanks to a few suggestions in the comments and some small issues I noticed after publishing the game. Thanks for all the feedback ^.^


  • The new version changes the installation for Clickless into a zip file instead of an exe
  • Level 6 and Level 8 have been slightly modified in order to fix  the method required for beating the level (There was a shorter way to beat these levels that I didn't notice at first and kinda defeated the purpose of Level 6 xd)
  • Selecting Level 9 now properly goes to Level 9 instead of the game end "level"(Woops xP)
  • The end of the game no longer has a level number, instead it just says "Level: End"


Clickless - 2 MB
Apr 08, 2018

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